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Hangzhou Qitai Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. was established on March 10,2003,2023 in chip r & D, production and supply chain support.


  • In May 2018, Qitai Semiconductor Co. , Ltd. was established in Berlin, Germany, is a deep-rooted semiconductor technology, professional service chip design enterprises, dedicated to providing one-stop chip design services for the industry support.
  • The company adheres to systematic, specialized, long-term development, with scientific and perfect service model, high-quality professional and technical team, solid engineering experience, the core business includes “Chip analog layout design, chip digital back-end design, Chip Analysis Engineering Services and wafer testing”.

Qitai Product Chain


One-stop service solution support

Provide full process service solution support related to chip design.

Chip Analysis Engineering

Provide chip analysis, chip photography, circuit extraction, circuit finishing, layout reconstruction, IP customization.

Chip back-end design

All-chip back-end design services, analog/digital/mixed-signal/SOC all types of chip coverage.

Remote VNC service mode

More flexible allocation of resources, more controllable schedule, easier management, better project quality, easier to deal with changes, cost-effective.

Chip Assembly

IC chip design and service, IC chip and product manufacturing, IC chip and product sales.

Technical Services

Technology service, technology development, artificial intelligence application software development, technology consultation, Technology Exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion.

Electronic Manufacturing

Manufacturing of electronic components, retail of electronic components, research and development of mechanical equipment, and sales of mechanical equipment.

Communication Services

Sales and manufacturing of satellite mobile communication terminals, application system integration services in artificial intelligence industry, software and services related to blockchain technology, supply chain management services.


Technology service, technology development, technology consultation, Technology Exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion.




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  • With high-quality chip design services and the industry’s good reputation, it has established strategic cooperation relations with leading enterprises, listed enterprises, Unicorn Enterprises, scientific research institutes and other well-known organizations in the industry.
  • The company and the industrial chain upstream and downstream establish a cooperative relationship, forming a close and interdependent industrial eco-chain. The company will further strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, use external resources to improve the company’s comprehensive technical strength and continuous innovation capacity, to provide a strong guarantee for the company’s sustainable management and rapid development.

Customer Service

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Strategic Partner

Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shaanxi.

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